A Linked Open Data Hub for Ogham Research

# Linked Ogham

Ogham stones and their inscriptions are nice cool small and well studied data sources for early medieval research. There are a lot of online data sources, but none of them is technically linked using Linked Open data. This platform can be a Linked Open Data Hub für Ogham Research.

Link your data and we will get new knowledge!

# The Data Sources

# Ogham @ Wikidata

Within the Fellow-Programm Freies Wissen, we will create a semantically described, transparent Linked Open Data (LOD) data collection of Irish Ogham stones, which are open accessible in the spirit of knowledge equity. This collection will build on existing published research and can thus serve as another important research tool in the field of early medieval inscriptions.

The semantic modelling will be done in two ways. On the one hand, the data (stones, sites, words, people, etc.) will be stored in Wikidata in order to locate the data in the Linked Data Cloud and to offer the community the opportunity to participate in free knowledge in the field of Ogham inscriptions. On the other hand, the data will be stored in a separate Ogham ontology, made available via a SPARQL endpoint and linked to the stones available in Wikidata. In addition, the Ogham stones are to enable a search on Wikidata and in other Triplestores in a community-friendly web platform. Filter options for certain topics, such as words used, material or persons, as well as for geographically definable areas should be possible. In addition, integration into free GIS software is to be made possible so that scientists can carry out further analyses in their own software world.

# Ogi Ogham Project

The Ogi Ogham Project is the initial project for Linked Ogham Data. In this project we do data (Wikidata) modelling, data extraction and data analysis. Find out more at the GitHub page.

# Contributors

Florian Thiery

Sophie C. Schmidt

Timo Homburg

Jakob Voß